A Jill of Many Trades

As many of you may know, I spend my days not just shooting. I also teach photojournalism at a Denver high school. This past week my students once again had the privilege of meeting award winning photojournalists and multimedia artists during a visit from the Denver Post. In that same week my students were also notified of several awards won in a district show and a handful photographed and interviewed Gov. John Hickenlooper at the Capitol Hill Press Conference the same day civil unions were being discussed on the Senate floor. The work can be very rewarding. Watching students develop their voice and grow in skills helps inspire me to keep discovering photography and digital media arts. It is every bit as fulfilling as making great photography on my own.

My work in Denver is often complicated. Much like human relationships, work can have multiple surfaces of scratchable evidence of our skills, passions and ambitions. As I work more and more in Denver I have also been leaned upon for other skills. I have become something of a marketer for my school as more and more people have asked me to create their marketing materials for events and programs. I have found this is yet another creative endeavor that I really enjoy in my "free time." It has started to grow as a business and has become its own animal and so I decided I may start showing a few of my graphic designs here as I get more requests. In the past week I have worked on three that are fun and all very different in mood. I created all in Adobe Illustrator and utilized a Wacom Bamboo tablet for the freehand drawing. I find my understanding of photography has given me a great base for creating graphics and hope it only grows a means for promoting good causes.

Fine Arts Expocarddemo.jpg
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