Roller Derby

Some of us played soccer. Others learned the piano. These days there are more exciting hobbies to take up. Following in the footsteps of their older counterparts, young girls across Colorado are participating in roller derby leagues for girls between the ages of 13-18. Spirited, young teens that prefer to put on their warrior paint, throw elbows and lace up in colorful roller skates have been holding bouts all over the state and will be opening for the Rocky Mountain Roller Dolls in February at the Fillmore. 

This week I went out to check out the bout between the Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks and the Fort Collins Spartans. Each girl had their own derby name and attire to match their derby persona, much like those from the women's league. This new project is one I am very excited to shoot. These are just some first assignment shots but I thought I would share some of my shots with readers since this unique group of girls is so fascinating.