Not Amish, Not English

I am so excited to share my most recent short documentary story. As many of you may know I have spent the last several months in Ohio studying as a graduate student at Ohio University's Scripps School of Visual Communication. It has truly been a transformative and often hard transition. 

This project is a culmination of many of the skills I have been working on since arriving at OU. The story follows an Amish family who recently left the community. The Swartzentrubers may not agree with the Amish teachings and religious views, but they still treasure many of the values of the Amish lifestyle. Since leaving, they have adapted to many modern conveniences while choosing to hold others at a distance. Much of this mentality is a part of their decision to raise their children to value both. A side story that is not addressed as directly in the story is that the Swartzentrubers as well as many other former Amish families have started their own church which is affiliated with the Seventh Day Adventists. 

I know I will be working on this story more and more in the future, but here you will find a start. Just as I am starting to share their story, the Swartzentrubers are being to find their way in a new world.