Blue Skies, Blue Downtown

I love a good challenge. I like to problem solve and meander my way through things until I come up with a truly satisfying solution. It was for that reason that I was really excited to be challenged by Brandon.

We sat down for our client visit to get a feel for what Brandon was thinking for his portraits and his words to me were as follows. "I want my photos to say adventurous."

This left me wracking my brain to think of what could fulfill this rather unusual senior portrait request. I somewhat prematurely assumed Brandon would want to focus on his love for football and was thrilled he wanted to do something different. We worked together and decided just to go for a walk downtown and see what we could find.

I know these photos don't make Brandon look like the next David Branson, but that really was not the point. Brandon is not into extreme sports or crazy hobbies. Really he just wanted everyone to know he is headed places and has big ideas for his future. He is a truly inspired young man.